The Mid Atlantic Region was formed in 1994, when the Northeast region was split and Canada, which was its own region, was divided amonng the US regions it bordered.

Since the sitting Northeast Regional Director, Connie Webb lived in Pennsylvania, one of the states moved into the new region, she became the first Mid Atlantic Reional Director. She served from 1994 to 1999. In 2011, Connie was voted TICA's Judge of the Year, and honored at the Annual Awards Banquet held in September 2011 in Philadelphia.

The first Mid Atlantic Regional Awards Banquet was held in 1995 .

Mid Atlantic Regional Directors
Connie Webb 1994-1998
Barbara "Bunty" Washburn 1999-2001
Jim Dickie 2002-2004
Lisa Dickie 2005-2010
Susan Adler 2011-2016
Anthony Hutcherson 2017-2019
Brenda Russo 2020-